3 job applications that stand out

3 job applications that stand out

Many things happen at Creneau and receiving job applications is one of them. A good job application will make a difference & if you are interested in how to make a good portfolio, also read our blog on how to make a portfolio. This blog is about some of the job applications that caught our eye. Don’t be a copycat, be a cat that lives on the edge. Here are some experiences of those cats, there just for illustration.

You make the coffee, I the cookies

On a day there was an applicant who came to introduce herself. She settled in the kitchen and started to make cookies for the office. While she was baking the cookies, our staff started to make conversation. When the cookies were ready, the actual job interview started with a fresh cup of coffee. This lady made one hell of a first impression and has some balls.

The golden envelope

At the office we receive a lot of mail. We receive them in different sizes, different colours. Between the Zalando boxes, new materials and invoices, suddenly a golden envelope appeared. We’re already curious about the inside of the Zalando boxes, so a golden envelope sure took the attention away. We opened the envelope immediately and inside there was a letter and it said, ‘I’ll be whatever you want me to be’.

To my biggest fan

It was just an ordinary day when we received a photo. It was an old looking poster and the only thing written on it was ‘To my biggest fan, Serge – Lovestain’. The poster got our attention but there was no contact information on it. After one week we received a mail about the poster we received, and that person got a job interview.

What made these job applications so special? ·

  1. They are all one of a kind
  2. The applicants thought out of the box
  3. They are attention whores but on the right way!
  4. They are creative
  5. They represent themselves

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