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Creneau International

Creneau International is a global agency that connects
brands, spaces and consumers through design concepts.

Hac itur ad astra.

Since 1989, WE have established a strong reputation as visionary and trendsetting designers.
Our ideas of the anti-ordinary MAKE brands flourish, products grow and businesses boom. Our added value is to provide full service: from all-round consultancy to concept development, from logo and packaging design to interior design, from implementation to franchise follow-up. Whether YOU are a challenger brand around the block or an iconic brand spanning the globe: we help you REACH your audience. In shops, shops-in-shops, hotels, restaurants, bars or nightclubs as well as offices, showrooms, exhibition stands and events. FOR all we care, we tell your story on the moon. As long as you connect with your consumer. At Creneau International, we know your success is written in THE STARS. You just have to reach for it. Like we said: hac itur ad astra.